About MIBT Online


MIBTonline.com is a new and state of the art way for officials to receive pre-season and in-season training a computer or mobile device. Meetings and clinics are streamed LIVE and can be watched virtually anywhere internet service is available. In addition, if you are unable to watch live, all meetings and clinics are recorded and available on-demand to watch at your convenience or to refer back to if necessary or desired. Also, MIBTonline offers members on-demand training videos to make you the best official possible.

Our Team

Tim Kiefer

President and Founder

Tim was key in the implementation of a video based officiating education platform developed by the Illinois High School Associaton and adopted by the National Federation of High Schools for use nationally. Tim has also done video education work with the Big Ten as well as many other sports officiating associations and organizations.

Bill LeMonnier


Bill comes to MIBTonline.com with an extensive background in officiating. Bill was a member of the Big Ten officiating staff for 20 years and has made appearances in numerous bowl games including the GMAC Bowl, Houston Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Independence Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Orange Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. Bill refereed the 2011 BCS National Championship and the inaugural Big Ten Championship game and has received many awards throughout his career. Prior to the Big Ten, Bill officiated in the Gateway Conference, the CCIW and high school. He has also officiating internationally working in Japan, Mexico, Panama and Australia. Bill is an accomplished speaker, speaking at many camps and clinics across the country and the world annually as well as producing football officiating training videos. Bill is an retired school teacher and administrator. He is married, has three kids and currently resides in Tinley Park, Illinois .