Baseball Umpiring Fundamentals with Sam Holbrook

World Series and Veteran Major League Umpire, Sam Holbrook, presents Baseball Umpiring Fundamentals.  Sam provides valuable insight and instruction on:

  • Working the plate
  • Working the bases
  • Positioning
  • Mechanics
  • Umpiring basic principles and much more!

Sam brings nearly 20 years of high level experience as an instructor with the Wendelstedt School of Umpiring.  Now he brings that experience directly to you!  Rookie or veteran, this 1+ hour long video has instruction to improve anyone’s skills!   Baseball Umpiring Fundamentals with Sam Holbrook is available as part of your yearly subscription. 

NOT A SUBSCRIBER? For just $7.99 per month or $49 per year, gives you access to the best officiating minds in the industry no matter what sport you officiate. 

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